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Bloom is a game developed by six of us during the World Game Jam 2018 in University of California, Irvine. It implements the Game Jam topic "transmission" by transmitting light and transmitting life.

In this game, players need to collect pink petals to eliminate the shadow petals(black ones) and let the light go through hole to unlock the next scene. Players need to control and rotate mirrors to control the way of light. The game scene provides some freedom for players to find a correct path, and there are many possible ways to unlock the next scene.



"9" and "0" on top bar for rotation;

Up, Down, Left, Right for movement;

Left mouse key for selection and deselection;

*In the very top scene with Game Name, press ENTER to play!


Development team(sort by first name):

Dylan Cockerham - Programmer, Technical Adviser

Shiyang Fang - Programmer, Assistant Artist

Xiyu Wang - Designer, Musician

Yaowen Zhang - Designer

Yaqi Yang - Artist

Zhehao Xie - Programmer

StatusOn hold

Install instructions

Unzip and Have Fun!


Bloom2.0.zip 19 MB


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The light will always find the way to get where it's needed.

Thank you for playing! We will definitely keep working on it and improve its gameplay!